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Buy ANY complete pair of prescription glassesand receive a second frame free valued at $120

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Your Vision is our Focus

At Specs 241 our focus is you the customer. We offer the level of service, which has been lacking lately within the optical industry. We are old school. We will do whatever it takes to not only do the best job possible, but help you through every step of the way.

We know that new glasses are an important part of your being; they are on you face continuously. They promote your style and most importantly enhance our most precious of senses, our sight. We can cater for all your needs, from fully covered private health glasses to designer. We offer the same quality and solutions in our lenses. We give you all the options, explaining the benefits of each lens followed by a price, rather than selling you the most expensive lenses.

At Specs 241, we are not in this to make the most money possible but rather to have the most happy and loyal customers possible. Although the best lenses are also the most expensive, they are not always a necessity. If you are wearing a cheaper older style lens currently and have been happy with them, why try to fix something, which isn’t broken. We will keep you in the same style of lens reducing the expense of buying new glasses.

We apply the same principle to lens thicknesses; sometimes you only need a certain lens material to achieve perfect looking glasses. We will not sell you the more expensive material if you don’t need it. We have over the last couple of years grown and have done so because of our happy customers. Our aim is to give you the best, fair and professional advice and price.

We have taken optical dispensing back 30 years to when it was a personal professional service. We want you to feel you can come in anytime, with any problem for us to happily fix it. We do on site edging of lenses into your new or existing frames*, not sending them over east or even overseas which is now the standard in optics.

We can repair most broken frames and if it can’t be repaired we will find you a cheap, quick solution to get you back in action. Come on in and see how we can make buying glasses an enjoyable experience with a bit of fun, laughter, courtesy and fairness customers deserve from the retail industry. If you’re still unsure or think you have heard all this before, come and see us. You won’t be disappointed. *At selected stores only.

Exciting Changes Coming.

We have some exciting changes coming soon.

Specs 241 is having a facelift, new name, new look, same owners, same friendly staff, just a new look.

So…. Same, Same, Same, just a new name. SpecsPlus.

Why? Because we do so much more than just specs.

More details to come, stay tuned.